ROÁR has released a thematic drop celebrating female empowerment — T-shirts with the inscription "All Rights Reserved". The main idea is to remind us that women's rights are worthy of attention every day, not just on the occasion of International Women's Day, and the fight for them is still ongoing. The font on the white T-shirt is stylized as an inscription in red lipstick, which at different times has become a "weapon" and a provocation, a symbol of patriotism, defiance and indomitable spirit, a reminder of femininity and strength at the same time. The main characters of the campaign are three female soldiers, defenders of Ukraine Anastasia Klishchenko, Olga Bigotska and Kateryna Gryshchenko. 20% of the T-shirt sales will be donated to the Zemlyachky NGO, which takes care of and provides all the necessary things for women at the front. Read the full article on

March 13, 2024